We help distribution companies grow EBITDA.

We do this by achieving Profit Maturity.
Profit Maturity is not a percentage or a number, it is a comprehensive Continuous Improvement (CI) Process.

Who we are

Our team is driven by Gregory A. Smith who has 35+ years of transforming businesses as a versatile strategist recognized for his leadership skills.

We bring experience in planning and executing strategies that result in substantial revenue and profit generation.

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Flud Power

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“Through his effective leadership, our board was restructured to facilitate speedier decision-making as well as a more effective board member recruitment and retention. He facilitated a collaborative process between our Board and Medical Staff to explore systemic and structural change that would more effectively integrate private practitioners with each other and with our hospital. ”

Harvey Yorke, President/CEO, Southwestern Vermont Health Care (business partner)

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of working side by side with Greg for the past four-plus years. Greg has mastered and blends technical knowledge and soft skills, the result being a highly effective business executive.  Greg brings a unique skill set and perspective to addressing business issues. Despite my nearly 30 years of experience, Greg has been a patient teacher and has provided me new and different approaches to problem-solving.”

Mark Anderson, CFO, Granite City Electric Supply Company

“Greg is strongly committed to ensuring success in all his business endeavors. Greg has an uncanny ability to manage multiple business projects and at the same time, is a strong advocate for charitable fundraisers. He has a well-balanced approach to developing strategy and applying tactical efforts which drive results. As a leader, Greg ensures his team is held accountable through key performance indicators. He is diligent in setting clear expectations and delivering positive reinforcement.”

Lisa A. Yarussi, VP, Human Resources, NFPA


Remove administration burden, increase profitability, decrease overrides, include your new products added monthly, and product groups individualized.



Working with us you’ll beable to increase profit, organization & strategy efficiency, succeed in mergers and acquisitions, maximize ongoing pricing development.



We will work with your team to develop an objective assessment of issues and recommendations for addressing them.



Guides to give you a deeper understanding and perhaps think about pricing from a different angle.

Let’s work together

We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.